composition, fixed media 359" / 465"  ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin

+3x10^8 m/s, beyond the light velocity (2017-18)

GRAYCODE, jiiiiin 

There is a question that constantly repeats from the history of human being. “Who we are? How at this moment had been started?” 

We are still living today where many studies and experiments are underway to find answers to this endless question. Cosmos,

the universal curiosity of mankind in the wider world becomes the inspiration for this work.

Over the horizon of the universe where our starry nights are shining, is expanding gradually. Expanding universe,

this moment of time and space is formed by sound. Hence the sound is the universe in this work. The time to appreciate a piece of work is like entering into a space filled with sound. 

From audience’s view, what will they see? Would you be flowing into that world?, that vast world of cosmos.

The audiences might experience at the non-altered space that occurs beyond time and space. And it leads the audience to have a space for thinking about. 

 The notation of +3x10^8 m/s, beyond the light velocity  ©GRAYCODE, jiiiiin (2017)

National Gallery in Prague ©Dita Havrankova(2018)