This is piano music without playing the piano. Piano has regarded as percussion, string and woodwind instrument in this music though using marimba, mallet, triangle, key, paper and palms. This work focuses on the natural sound form acoustic instrument, developing the sound to be musical and acoustic and expended electronic sound. It shows the process of expansion from starting point which owned by title to another point. Also, it represents a variety of try such as sampling acoustic sounds of piano and finding many acoustic characteristics based on 'synthesis theory'. Prepared Piano's acoustic functions harmonize, expend and develop with electronic sounds and create new acoustic. Even though these acoustic starting point and terminus as quem have different position, they are connected and cannot be separated each other in other various aspects. Thus, it has twofold meaning. It means Prepared Piano and Tape can be 'one' in the same origin and also means different two individual at the same time.

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