+z: impulse in 59 dots Shinae Kim, jiiiiin and GRAYCODE

+z: impulse in 59 dots

GRAYCODE, Shinae Kim, jiiiiin

+z: is a space-specific work, involving one visual artist and two sound artists.

The project began in 2016, and is currently on a connection project in 2017 based in Munich and Berlin, Germany. +z: explores the reality through space.

+z: begins with a question.
"What is a reality? The reality consists of what factors?​

www.episodicplusz.com to cause spatial movement and occurrence by sound in which Karin Wimmer.

The sound is installed on the website, www.episodicplusz.com, by new.in.paper

+z: impulse in 59 dots - GRAYCODE, Shinae Kim, jiiiiin
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+z: Karin Wimmer contemporary art